Account Funding

Account Funding

Market Investment offers a variety of payment methods. Fund your trading account using a direct payment by bank transfer or deposit via our web based secure card payment system.

Please always state your username and any applicable promotional code in the reference.

BACS payments can take up to 4 days to credit our bank account, as such we will not credit your trading account until the funds have cleared at our bank.

If you would like to transfer funds in a different currency, please contact

Please note that third party payments and cash deposits are not permitted.

Any funds received from third party accounts will be returned to the remitter; this may result in a delay in your account being activated and/or credited.

  • No third-party deposits.
  • Market Investment does not charge any extra commissions on the deposit of the funds, however you will be liable for any charges made by any third party provider involved in the transfer process. And Market Investment will credit your trading account with the net amount received.

Deposit / Withdrawal

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